E.C.H.O. (Education Creating High School Opportunities)


School: Windermere Community Secondary

Votes Received: 347

ECHO is a project conceived by four students. Since its creation in April of 2009, ECHO has reached out to students across the Vancouver district. ECHO began as students from Windermere Secondary School, who organized a climate conference in December that brought together 250 students from over 20 schools in the lower mainland. Our purpose is to create a network between representatives from secondary schools to organize district-wide projects and events collaboratively in regards to certain environmental issues. We have weekly meetings where we discuss opportunities that we’re interested in initiating in our communities. Currently we are in the works of setting up a high school wide composting system, to contribute to Vancouver's goal to be the greenest city. We feel that ECHO will be a model for other districts to mimic and execute; therefore being the stepping stone to future environmental change at the VSB level. Our meetings take place at the VSB building to ensure that the neutrality is beneficial for all participants. This project is important on many different levels. First of all, we are able to show our communities and eventually society how important it is to show others how the youth of today can make a positive change. On the other hand, our goal is to create this connection within the youth in order to implement new initiatives. For example, we are currently planning an Earth Day event, which will capitalize on sustainably, proactive actions. This event, which will have a similar route to the 350.org event (Bridge to a Cool Planet), will not only benefit the youth involved, but will also increase awareness to the other students in the Vancouver School District. In addition to our main event, we are hosting an Earth week, in which all high schools in Vancouver will be participating in. Through this, the plan is to convey our message of youth activism by initiating united high school actions across the Greater Vancouver Disrtict.

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