The E.A.Ks vs. The Plastic Bag(s)

School: Tuc-el-Nuit Elementary

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Division 6 and the E.A.K.s (Environmentally Active Kids club were concerned about the images and data that kept coming to them regarding the problems associated with plastic bags and their impact on the environment. Consequently, we decided to focus on the reduction of plastic this year and what better place to start than with the single use shopping bag. To spread the word and as a school spirit project we had every student in the school tie- dye a cotton bag. We hoped this project would raise awareness amongst the students and encourage them to take reusable bags with them when they went shopping. We completed 288 bags which we have sold within the school community and in different stores around Oliver. It is estimated that 1 cloth bag saves 6 bags a week, 24 bags a month, 288 in a year. So, if all our bags get used we could save 82,944 plastic bags from entering the environment in one year! We approached the Mayor of Oliver with the hope of working together with the town to ban single use shopping bags - paper as well as plastic. We needed to include paper bags in the ban as we felt that a return to paper would be a step backwards. An increased demand for paper bags would double greenhouse emissions, create an increase in waste and generate 50 times more water pollutants in the manufacturing process than in the manufacturing of plastic bags. The mayor invited us to bring a delegation to a Town Council meeting. We took 22 students and their parents and filled the town’s meeting hall. The students made a very strong presentation and we are awaiting the results. The students have had lots of positive feedback from members of the public. Their presentation as a delegation was taped live and aired on channel 18. The Oliver Chronicle - our local newspaper put a great write up in the paper. We are hopeful that if a ban is not possible than at the very least our project has raised awareness and more people will consistently use reusable bags rather than single use bags! The E.A.K.S. also remain active in their quest to have all B.C. school districts ban the use of diesel fuel on school grounds.

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