Local Food for Healthy Living

School: Stoney Creek Elementary

Votes Received: 30

This project is about giving children the tools necessary to understand the importance of growing healthy food locally. It is important for them to learn about sustainable food operations, to grow food locally, in season and without chemical additives. Students from Burnaby Mountain Secondary are working alongside their stoneycreek buddies to mentor them in the 5N's (Near, Now, Nutritious, Natural and Naked) to achieve their goal of the hundred mile diet. They are learning that growing locally means "to grow a garden is to freshen the air and you will be healthier." (Kenny,gr.4)We hope you'll view our story as a grassroots operative, which is only the beginning of bigger changes to come.

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Mentors Consulted

Burnaby Mountain Secondary Urban Farm Project, GardenWorks


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