Reynolds Get R.E.A.L. Team (Brandon and Fidel)

Reynolds RECYLES and pushes pRogRam distRict wide

School: Reynolds Secondary

Votes Received: 107

PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR VIDEO (MINI DOCUMENTARY BELOW) Last year at this time we had one hallway in our school fully recycling without any garbage cans... During a weekend the following Spring, students came in and blitzed the school putting up an additional 14 stations in all the hallways and removing all the hallway garabage cans! What a success story... We have now moved to having each station adopted by a teacher (with helping students) for emptying duties as containers get full, the recycle room is functioning with key students and the custodians are on board with emptying the food waste bins instead of garbage cans. We are recycling: hard plastics, soft plastics, foil lined, foam packaging, electronics, metal, glass, name it...AND it is working and appears to have evolved into a sustainable system! It is working so well that the school district renegotiated its Waste Management contract for recycling services rather than garbage removal services through a roll out plan over three years. Twenty more schools adopted Reynolds system at the elementary and middle school levels this year and more are rolling out now...the next district high school is about to come on board. This is something Reynolds is really proud of--begun with a few students and a Spark Grant for supplies through Life Cycles...and now moving district wide...Cool!

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Life Cycles (SPARK), Waste Management, SD61



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