Reynolds Get R.E.A.L. Team (Jordan)

Reynolds RECLAIMS by planting Native Species

School: Reynolds Secondary

Votes Received: 116

PLESE WATCH OUR VIDEO BELOW As part of our Green Spaces Project found at,, students were very much interested in reclaiming the natural area at the front of our school. It is part of a local Garry Oak Ecosystem that has been fragmented by development over the years. Although the project was begun last year, this year saw significant ground being made (or rather broken) which included two Science 10 classes (57 students) planting over 300 native species plants at the school front. This tied in perfectly with the Science 10 curriculum. Students were broken down into planting teams to follow plans which were developed in consultation with University of Victoria Environmental Studies students. The teams covered serveral zones: butterfly garden, woodland area under existing Oaks, rock garden area and meadow, all with their corresponding species of plants. We timed the planting for early November so that they would be naturally watered in. We had incredible luck as the two days we planted were gorgeous with sunshine followed in the evening with pouring couldn't have been more perfect. We can't wait to see everything growing! We are now extending further down the front of our school...stay tuned for the continued story of our Greening Journey...

Fence going up school Front May 2009 004.jpg Finishing the path and benches at school front April 23 2009 007.jpg Planting on Knoll1-1.jpg Planting on knoll3-1.jpg Planting on knoll2-1.jpg

Mentors Consulted

Scientists and Innovators in the Schools
Fraser Thimble Farms, U-Vic Environmental Studies Project, Darren and Claudie Copley



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