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School: Fraser Heights Secondary

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This past year, our H2O Canada team has continued to provide support for schools who have implemented the “Be the Change” program, in addition to designing some new action projects to address the environmental challenges of sustainability. We expanded our ‘Be the Change’ Challenge program and have made presentations in 15 schools in our district. We had students from two schools in North Vancouver join our team, in addition to receiving inquiries from two schools in Alberta and one in Ontario. To celebrate Earth Day in April, we organized 500 students to spell out 'Be the Change'; an aerial photo of this event was shown on ‘Global TV’. Our goal continues to be raising awareness and funds as we address sustainability issues and empower youth into action. One of our H2O Canada team members, who has been on the national Youth Advisory Council for Green Street for the past two years, oversaw youth action environmental projects as a mentor for two Surrey schools. These schools were awarded grants under the ‘Green Street Youth Leadership Challenge’. One school is implementing an anti-junk mail campaign in addition to other action projects which address environmental issues. The second school is running a clean air and clean water campaign. Our ‘Surrey Sustainable Schools Initiative’ was well received by the district, who published the following article in May 2009. (http://www.sd36.bc.ca/general/edcom/pdfs/edcom200905.pdf p.5) Through the ‘Be the Change’ Challenge, students can address climate change as they “be the change”, “see the change” “live the change”, and become “agents for change”. In December, we designed and implemented another school-wide, online, paperless survey to measure the environmental attitudes and practices of 400 students, then provided feedback from the survey so students could select specific goals and create action plans to address those environmental challenges. We measured thousands of students who have committed to acts of green. This year we have spearheaded several new fundraisers in schools to raise money for clean water projects in Haiti and Africa, including a basketball shoot-a-thon. One of our team members was a featured speaker at our district-wide Student Leadership conference last month to inspire other youth with the work he has done under the ‘Be the Change Challenge program and for his initiatives with clean water projects. This same H2O member was chosen to receive a national "Me to We" award for his work with clean water projects. For 6 months, our H2O Canada team planned and prepared for a district-wide sustainability conference, which we called “The Wave”. We believe a “wave of action” is sweeping through our coastal province. We believe that youth are catching this wave as they play a crucial role in creating sustainable change. We continue striving to promote a culture of conservation and sustainable thinking that will empower youth in B.C. to “be the change they wish to see in this world”.

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