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The Local Food Project at DTSS:Calculating Food Miles

School: David Thompson Secondary

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At David Thompson Secondary School in Invermere, we try to reduce our food miles and our carbon footprint by sourcing the food for our cafeteria, The Rocky Mountain Cafe, from our local farmers, ranchers and our Community Greenhouse. The Cook Training students turn this fresh, local food into delicious dishes for the rest of the school to enjoy. All of our students are learning the importance of local food production by visiting farms, meeting farmers, helping with the harvest, growing our own herbs and salad greens in our Community Greenhouse and reading about our producers on our weekly "Local Food Report." Food miles represent the distance food travels from where it is grown to where it is purchased or prepared. It has been fun for us to learn the difference we are making when we source some of our food closer to home.


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Mentors Consulted

Local Organic Gardeners
Columbia Valley Botanical Gardens and Centre for Sustainable Living, Slow Food Columbia Valley, BC Food Systems Network


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