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Burnaby South Secondary School’s Green Team is always taking action towards improving our world! Green Team is an environmental club that wants to make our world more sustainable to live in. Our goals are to motivate students and staff members of Burnaby South to take actions towards protecting our Earth, our only home. The Green Team members ranges from grades 8 to 12. There are 62 members and 3 sponser teachers. We were the team that started the successful bottle and batteries recycling program in our school and we are certainly still creating more fun and green ideas that the whole school can participate in! We launched three new projects to accomplish and expand. The Green Team started the “Bring Your Own Utensils.”Garbage Reduction program during November 2009. This program will encourage students to bring their own reusable utensils from home when purchasing food from the cafeteria or dining out. The cafeteria also invites students to bring their own containers too!! This simple action has a great impact towards garbage reduction. The Composting Program: Started January 2010 our school is up for composting! Team members collects leftover fruits and vegetables from students/staff members throughout the school's hallways, classrooms and the cafeteria. We also started to collect vegetable trimmings from the cafeteria kitchen everyday. We are also working on our School Community Organic Garden. We are planning to plant vegetables and fruits, native species of plants and flowers to beautify and brighten up our school community atmosphere. Due to our school's improvement construction that has been going on since the summer of 2009 ( may last 2 years ); our Green house is not available for nursing greens and many sections of our school are very inconvenience. Yet students are still very determined to begin our school garden as soon as possible! Green Team Titans are always on the move! Let us create a greener peaceful harmony, thus restore our precious Earth together. Special thanks to 12 individuals who planned and worked hard to make our projects possible.

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