Garbage Busters

Garbage Busters

School: Arrowview Elementary

Votes Received: 188

We are the Garbage Busters Club! Our club consists of 23 Grade 4 students with a mission to make a difference. As a class, we are studying many environmental issues. With so many ways to help our environment, we started with our own playground. It is also used by the city's recreation department, so it sees a lot of activity. We thought that if we knew where the majority of the garbage was coming from, we could begin alerting our school and outside communities. We even "dissected" the garbage to see if the trash was recyclable or biodegradable. We have a binder full of data collected from the items found on our playground. With that data we were able to determine whether or not the garbage was student or community waste. From this information, we drew up many plans; letters to local businesses, the mayor, our principal, community newsletters, posters, meeting with reporters, presentations and a proposal to the Town of Qualicum. You will hear about how we received community help after contacting the mayor, and how we made a formal proposal at a Town Council Meeting to get other schools involved in another project we organized. The proposal was to have the Town donate a garbage can every year, to any willing school (elementary or high school). Each school would be responsible for painting one, with the theme being around environmental issues or gardens. Once the cans are painted, they would be displayed during the Communities in Bloom celebration and then taken back to the original school to be used, or donated to a local business. We are pleased to announce that our proposal has been accepted and that we have designed and painted 2 cans so far! We are also expanding our leadership to our beautiful waterfront, learning ways to protect the habitat on our shoreline, and educating other students, too. We will be working with the Nearshore Studies Project Manager. We are really excited with the many ventures ahead of us. It has changed the way we think about and see things around us. And, even as kids, our voices are important, and can help make change! We even wrote a Garbage Busters song to the tune of Ghost Busters. Unfortunately, however, we didn't have time to sing it on our video performance you're about to view. We hope you enjoy our message, our hard work and dedication, and our leadership contribution! It's just the beginning.....

Mentors Consulted

Community Members, Mayor of Qualicum Beach, Community Policing, PQ News, Town Of Qualicum Beach Maintenance Dept.



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